Quality, Guarantee & Service

At Flair, we have an unwavering commitment to product quality and are dedicated to delivering impeccable customer service.

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All Flair shower doors are CE approved and manufactured in accordance with EN 14428:2015+A1:2018. All glass is toughed safety glass and produced to EN12150. Flair products are also performance tested to EN14428 and have been subject to lifetime shower cycle testing consisting of 20,000 functional cycles, water tests, impact tests and 10,000 corrosion cycle tests for all components.

Our doors are also tested for their durability, stability and water retention properties to ensure that they meet the highest possible industry standards.


Our reassuring 10-year, 20-year and lifetime guarantees against manufacturer defects are valid on the condition that goods are installed and maintained in accordance with the product fitting instructions and best practices.

Non-glass and detachable parts such as rollers, seals, door dampeners and cover caps are subject to normal wear and tear during usage and are under statutory guarantee for two years from the time of purchase.

We ask customers to register their guarantee by creating a My Flair account or by returning the guarantee card that comes with every product.

After Sales & Spare Parts

We carry a full range of spare parts for each of our product ranges and have aftersales representatives to deal with any issues you may have.

If you would like to talk to our customer aftercare team, please contact us on +353 42 966 8000.